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The Devil
XV - The Devil
With thy right Eye create all for thyself, and with the left accept all that created otherwise 

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Magic Moments
09 Mar, 2014 - Clips

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Oracles, rituals and the tarot
13 Dec, 2013 -

In modern today, the word “oracle” it is used to describe a person inspired by divine forces or entities, or to describe prophecies. However in antiquity the word “oracle” was used to describe a place where spiritually inspired prophecies where passed down to mortals.

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The Kybalion - Chapter I
28 Sep, 2013 - Kybalion

We take great pleasure in presenting to the attention of students and investigators of the Secret Doctrines this little work based upon the world-old Hermetic Teachings. There has been so little written upon this subject, notwithstanding the countless references to the Teachings in the many works upon occultism, that the many earnest searchers after the Arcane Truths will doubtless welcome the appearance of the present volume.

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Not sure if I in a toxic relationship with my self or long term partner?
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