Tarot Card Meanings
Tarot:Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords
Tarot:Two of Swords - Peace
Two of Swords
Tarot:Three of Swords - Sorrow
Three of Swords
Tarot:Four of Swords - Truce
Four of Swords
Tarot:Five of Swords - Defeat
Five of Swords
Tarot:Six of Swords - Science
Six of Swords
Tarot:Seven of Swords - Futility
Seven of Swords
Tarot:Eight of Swords - Interference
Eight of Swords
Tarot:Nine of Swords - Cruelty
Nine of Swords
Tarot:Ten of Swords - Ruin
Ten of Swords
Tarot:Knight of Swords
Knight of Swords
Tarot:Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
Tarot:Prince of Swords
Prince of Swords
Tarot:Princess of Swords
Princess of Swords
Tarot:Ace of Wands
Ace of Wands
Tarot:Two of Wands - Dominion
Two of Wands
Tarot:Three of Wands - Virtue
Three of Wands
Tarot:Four of Wands - Completion
Four of Wands
Tarot:Five of Wands - Strife
Five of Wands
Tarot:Six of Wands - Victory
Six of Wands
Tarot:Seven of Wands - Valour
Seven of Wands
Tarot:Nine of Wands - Force
Nine of Wands
Tarot:Eight of Wands - Swiftness
Eight of Wands
Tarot:Ten of Wands - Oppression
Ten of Wands
Tarot:Knight of Wands
Knight of Wands
Tarot:Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands
Tarot:Prince of Wands
Prince of Wands
Tarot:Princess of Wands
Princess of Wands
Tarot:Ace of Disks
Ace of Disks
Tarot:Two of Disks - Change
Two of Disks
Tarot:Three of Disks - Works
Three of Disks
Tarot:Four of Disks - Power
Four of Disks
Tarot:Five of Disks - Worry
Five of Disks
Tarot:Six of Disks - Success
Six of Disks
Tarot:Seven of Disks - Failure
Seven of Disks
Tarot:Eight of Disks - Prudence
Eight of Disks
Tarot:Nine of Disks - Gain
Nine of Disks
Tarot:Ten of Disks - Wealth
Ten of Disks
Tarot:Knight of Disks
Knight of Disks
Tarot:Queen of Disks
Queen of Disks
Tarot:Prince of Disks
Prince of Disks
Tarot:Princess of Disks
Princess of Disks
Tarot:Ace of Cups
Ace of Cups
Tarot:Two of Cups - Love
Two of Cups
Tarot:Three of Cups - Abundace
Three of Cups
Tarot:Four of Cups - Luxury
Four of Cups
Tarot:Five of Cups - Disappointment
Five of Cups
Tarot:Six of Cups - Pleasure
Six of Cups
Tarot:Seven of Cups - Debauch
Seven of Cups
Tarot:Eight of Cups - Indolence
Eight of Cups
Tarot:Nine of Cups - Happiness
Nine of Cups
Tarot:Ten of Cups - Satiety
Ten of Cups
Tarot:Knight of Cups
Knight of Cups
Tarot:Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups
Tarot:Princess of Cups
Princess of Cups
Tarot:Prince of Cups
Prince of Cups
Tarot:0 - The Fool
The Fool
Tarot:I - The Magus
The Magus
Tarot:II - The Priestess
The Priestess
Tarot:III - The Empress
The Empress
Tarot:IV - The Emperor
The Emperor
Tarot:V - The Hierophant
The Hierophant
Tarot:VI - The Lovers
The Lovers
Tarot:VII - The Chariot
The Chariot
Tarot:VIII - Adjustment
Tarot:IX - The Hermit
The Hermit
Tarot:X - Fortune
Tarot:XI - Lust
Tarot:XII - The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man
Tarot:XIII - Death
Tarot:XIV - Art
Tarot:XV - The Devil
The Devil
Tarot:XVI - The Tower
The Tower
Tarot:XVII - The Star
The Star
Tarot:XVIII - The Moon
The Moon
Tarot:XIX - The Sun
The Sun
Tarot:XX - Aeon
Tarot:XXI - The Universe
The Universe

General tarot card meanings

A general database of tarot card meanings to help you interpret the general meaning of tarot cards. In Toth tarot reversed cards are not used so you will not find any here. If you want to see and understand the meaning of Tarot cards in much greater detail use the table above and visit each of the tarot cards page.

Tarot card meanings - the four Aces

First in order of appearance are the four tarot Aces, meaning the force of the Spirit acting in, and binding together the four scales of each element and answering to the Dominion of the Letters of the Name in the Kether of each. Cards represent the Radical or Root-Force. The Four tarot cards, Aces, are said to be placed on the North Pole of the Universe, wherein they revolve, governing its revolution, and ruling as the connecting link between Yetzirah and the Material Plane of the Universe"

Tarot card meanings - the four Twos

The meanings of Four Deuces symbolize the Powers of the King and Queen tarot cards: first uniting and initiating the Force, but before the Prince and Princess are thoroughly brought into action. Therefore do tarot cards generally mean the initiation and fecundation of a thing.

Tarot card meanings - the four Threes

The Four Threes tarot cards, generally, mean the realization of action owing to the Prince having been produced. The central symbol on each card. Action definitely commenced for good or evil.

Tarot card meanings - the four Fours

Perfection, realization, completion, making a matter settled and fixed.

Tarot card meanings - the four Fives

The Fives tarot cards meanings: opposition, strife and struggle; war, obstacle to the thing in hand. Ultimate success or failure is otherwise shown.

Tarot card meanings - the four Sixes

The Sixes general meanings: Definite accomplishment and carrying out of a matter.

Tarot card meanings - the four Sevens

Generally shows a force, transcending the material plane, and is like unto a crown which is indeed powerful but requireth one capable of wearing it. The sevens then show a positive result which is dependant on the action then taken. They depend much on the symbols that accompany them.

Tarot card meanings - the four Eights

Generally the four Eights tarot card meanings show solitary success; i.e., success in the matter for the time being, but not leading to much result apart from the thing itself.

Tarot card meanings - the four Nines

The meanings of the four Nines show very great fundamental force. Executive power, because they rest on a firm base, powerful for good or evil.

Tarot card meanings - the four Tens

Generally show fixed, culminated, completed Force, whether good or evil. The matter thoroughly and definitely determined. Similar to the force of the Nines, but ultimating it, and carrying it out.